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Posted within 2 business days. This method is the most cost effective and most widely used service type.


Posted the same day. Again, non-business days are not excluded.


Posted within 4 business days. In order to accept all payments, some must be sent by check. If an image of the bill is collected, it is printed on the stub.


Immediate posting of Prepaid Cellular Recharge payments.


Posted the next day. These payments do not follow the “business day” rule since they are posted directly to the billers.

National Bill Payment

We provide consumers the ability to electronically pay any bill to any qualified domestic company. Utility Payments, Car Payments, Credit Card Payment, Local Creditors, Medical Professionals, etc. We can pay any company that generates a bill. For more information about using our services, please contact our Customer Service Department at 866-244-6100.

Prepaid Phone Top-up Services.

We also provide consumers the ability to purchase time on their pay-as-you-go telephone services. Payments are posted within seconds of completion at agent locations. This is not a phone card but a direct link to mobile phone services such as AT&T Go Phone, Verizon Wireless, Simple Mobile, T-Mobile-To-Go, PagePlus, Boost Mobile and more. For more information about this service please contact our Customer Service Department at 866-244-6100 to see if your service is included.

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